reVAMP Your Customer Conversations with This Simple Tool

reVAMP Your Customer Conversations with This Simple Tool


reVAMP Your Customer Conversations with This Simple Tool


Audit your recent customer or partner meetings. Were the conversations comfortable, like a tailored suit, or really awkward like trying to run a race in a pair of shoes 3 sizes too big?

We work with business leaders who say these conversations are awkward — or they are easily left exposed, lost, or confused. Like growth, the challenge to these conversations lies in structure. So we distilled the essence of a scale-up system in a structured sales qualification tool.

To begin, where are you on the evolutionary S-Curve below?

If you are a Genesis-type company, you are still figuring out your market and solution. It’s best to keep things simple and use tools like the business model canvas when collaborating with partners and clients. You don’t need a big sales system at this point but if you want to grow, use tools like the one below.

If you are in one of those large Commodity firms with internationally recognized brands, congratulations! The gold standard qualification framework for you has been BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing). Which is a perfect fit, unless you plan to launch innovative new businesses. If that is the case your old tools won’t work. Keep reading.

If you plan to move through the Custom-Built to Product phase, you are a prime candidate for a proven business model and rapid growth. You absolutely need an enabling structure and more rigorous processes. If you aren’t growing at the pace you envisioned, this is the shift you have to make. Our team captured what works with successful scale-ups in this phase and designed the VAMP framework for qualificationfor you.


Vex + Vision – Alignment – Mobilizers – Plan

VEX + VISION – What are the immediate pains and fears of the organization or leader? How are their hopes and dreams? Is this a brief period of discomfort in a long-term plan or is there a new plan underway? What kind of payout or net gain happens if fixed or realized?

ALIGNMENT – How aligned is your solution to their vex and vision? How similar is this organizations to your other clients? Can they purchase your solution; do they have a team that can use it?

MOBILIZERS – The CEB Challenger Sale advises you to take control of the internal sale. Who is your champion and how are you helping her close the deal? Who is the ultimate buyer, and are there any potential blockers or skeptics that need to be won over?

PLAN – What is happening to advance a decision? What is the next step? What will you do to get the envisioned and shared proposal across the line? When is the next planned interaction and what is the agenda for it?

“Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.”  – Alfred North Whitehead


  1. It’s simple and memorable. Mark Zuckerberg wears a grey shirt every day to optimize his scarce decision-making capacity. Think of VAMP as your grey t-shirt of sales frameworks — a simple go-to in every customer-facing conversation.
  2. It is user- and partner-centric. VAMP integrates with the objectives of the marketing and product teams to drive shared outcomes at the individual level.
  3. VAMP helps when you think you need to be smart. If you have ever worked with a know-it-all, you have seen epic crash-and-burn moments. The VAMP framework reminds us to listen and ask questions.

Let us know what you think. Happy selling and buying!

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