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Our talks are intended to give scaleups and startups an opportunity to see what they would be getting into with "Account-Based Marketing", "Agile Sales" or "Insight" as each require new habits in commercial structure, mindset or culture. That's why we recommend a group session or public event where you can learn from our analysis, thought leadership, innovative approach to sales and structural improvements to commercial teams BEFORE training.

Are you a B2B marketing team and want to get ahead of coming regulation (GDPR)? Do you sense there is a smarter way of structuring your weekly team meetings and targets? Do you read about "insight selling" but still don't have a process or culture created for it? Book us for an in-company event, lunch, dinner or annual sales meeting and we promise to provide an insightful and humorous talk at your next company event. These sessions are interactive, fun and great warmups to our training programs. We currently only offer our talks and keynotes in English.

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