Customer Success - Fundamentals (Evening)

If There is No Elevator to Success, Take the Stairs!

Your customers often lack the vision, commitment, or expertise to make their projects work. To make matters worse, about 80% of your average customers feel salespeople don't understand their business. And only about 17% feel sales truly understands their internal partnership and alignment issues.

This introductory 3-part workshop series will give you insight into modern commercial trends, discuss why churn occurs, and give you the tools to overcome the challenges you inherit. We offer a new framework for establishing the customer journey and expanding value among users and buyers. You will learn techniques to enroll, onboard, uncover needs, and create WOW moments that lead to up-sell, cross-sell, and renewal. We offer 3 (evening or morning) sessions at our Amsterdam Training Office.

Using our proprietary method, individuals will practice expanding conversations, influencing diverse personality types and consulting. This workshop is ideal for new recruits who might not be familiar with a success organization or a seasoned veteran looking to learn more about modern tools and techniques.

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Customer Connection

Connect with any buyer type and overcome churn, using a framework that moves ideas forward

Insightful Journeys

Keep the customer journey fresh and consultative throughout your partnership

Extended Value

Develop advocates who up-sell and cross sell for you


  • Week 1 | Kicking off the Partnership

    Learn the 3 rules for starting the relationship and picking up where sales left off. Find out early on what stands in the way of renewal, cross-sell, and upsell

  • Week 2 | Creating Moments of WOW

    Take initiative and reduce churn by delivering moments of wow early and often

  • Week 3 | Renewal and Expansion

    Connect with your partner so that everyone is on the same page when making the deal and renewing the partnership

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