Commercial SCRUM

Aligned We Stand, Divided We Fall

Is your product struggling to keep pace with your sales or are you building more product than you can sell? Are you running a SCRUM framework for the software guys, but managing sales with a leaderboard and annual targets? It might sound strange but was sales and customer support teams that pioneered the Monday morning "stand-up" back befoe SCRUM was even a thing. Today, many organizations are experiencing vast gaps in their performance because they think one type of culture is good for one team while a different one is suited for the other. If you are suspicious though, this workshop is for you.

According to Aberdeen, 74% of best-in-class companies have strong team alignment. Your sales system works when the entire team is in synch on the "why," "what," and "how" they are getting customer work done. Our 3-part workshop is designed for either single commercial teams (marketing, sales, customer success, product) or multiples. We offer 3 (evening or morning) sessions at our Amsterdam Training Office.

Using our proprietary method, Marketing, Sales and/or Customer Success teams will learn a fun and engaging standup method. Team Leads will learn a simple rule set to align goals in a clear way and individuals will be given partner "pairings" for similar work. SCRUM Masters or elected representatives will get to participate in valuable team learning, market and product development. This course is ideal for SaaS and technology firms already running agile, SCRUM or Holacracy.

“What cannot be made simple cannot be made clear and what is not clear will not get done.” - Stephen Bungay

This Workshop is being provided with Entalis. Per head costs are 700€ for 1-day at WeWork or 1500€ for in-company teams of 4 and 2500€ for teams up to 10.

Learning objectives:
• Basics of Agile, Scrum and Lean/Kanban
• Agile principles applied to Sales and Marketing
• Creating your own Sales or Marketing Scrum
o Suitable for (complex) projects such as a
big Sales/Marketing Campaign
o Short cycles and deliver value faster
o Multidisciplinary teams
• Creating your own Sales or Marketing
o Suitable for smaller workitems or
smaller projects
o Instant applicable without changing the
current organization or process
• Visual Management and controlling
outcome/business benefits
• Improvement Tactics


Understand the basics of Agile

You'll learn all the core fundamentals that make up an agile practice and cover a diversity of similar but different methods from Lean, Kanban and Scrum.

Sales and Marketing Best Practices

This workshop will show you how to align with your product teams and get synergy from the shared practice but also compliment your unique way of managing the sales system.

Do it yourself Tools

Our ultimate outcome and expectation for you is that you will leave with the tools you need to get started tomorrow, by yourself!


  • Module 1 | Intro

    What is Agile and why Agile?
    o Introduction to the most popular Agile
    frameworks: Scrum and Lean/Kanban.
    o What to apply when

  • Module 2 | Scrum Kickstart

    Scrum in a nutshell
    o Optimizing business value & results:
    create your own productbacklog and
    Scrum Board
    o Visual Managem

  • Module 3 |Lean/Kanban Kickstart

    Classify work and managing different
    o Visualizing work and insights
    o Create your own Kanban board
    o Achieving better results by optimizing
    workflow (minimizing work-in-progress
    for faster results)

  • Module 4 | Recap and Close

    Collect take-aways
    o Starting tomorrow: next steps and
    retrospective (evaluation Agile style)

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