B2B Sales

If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build Another Door

Training for the modern B2B sales representative

Did you know that 80% the average B2B sales pipeline fails to convert? Did you know that's mostly due to corporate indecision and not necessarily a "NO" decision to you, your company or product?

Today, B2B partnerships are more consensus-driven. According to Gartner CEB research, 6.8 people on average are now involved in a buying decision. The question is, how do you influence all these stakeholders!?

This introductory 3-part B2B sales workshop at our Amsterdam Training Office will show you how. Our sales training provides insight into modern buyers. With our tools, sales representatives can practice managing self and coordinate with others. We role-play strategies to open negotiations, spot mobilizers, resolve objections, and drive decisions. Using our proprietary sales training method, individuals practice creating partnerships that align to a shared purpose. After completing this workshop you'll know how to combat the tyranny of consensus with a structured process that puts you in the driver's seat. This workshop is ideal for the new recruits who might not be familiar with B2B sales or a seasoned veteran looking to learn more about modern commercial techniques.


Connecting with Any Stakeholder

A repeatable method to connect any customer type

Inspiring Buyer Confidence

Using both rational and emotional content to build trust and influence

Driving Deal Momentum

Project managing the customer and internal partners


  • Week 1 | Opening and Buying Journey

    Coffee is for openers. Build credibility like a trusted advisor and practice 3 ways to start a conversation; set up the right issues to negotiate

  • Week 2 | Influencing Buyers with Insight

    Learn the 3 types of insight and practice applying your own to the customer's journey

  • Week 3 | Creating Positive Tension and Closing

    Convert any objection into opportunity and learn to shape outcomes and the close with tension

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